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What Are You Worth?

So I know that underneath that veneer you are actually priceless and there is no way we could put a price tag on you but what about the services you provide? What are you worth? Do you feel in reality that you are able to charge yourself out at a rate that not only you feel comfortable with but also pays the bills, ensures you can maintain your passion for what you do and live a life that gives you a sense of balance? Or are you working 6 – 7 days a week, drinking 4 coffees a day to keep up, skipping meals, feeling overwhelmed and becoming the type of person you treat?

Is it time for a change?

If the latter is the case for you then perhaps it’s time to consider your fee structure. For many of us due to a variety of reasons we don’t really charge a reasonable rate for what we do. It might be a lack of confidence, not wanting to burden your clients too much financially or perhaps just not being aware of what you need to charge to survive. You can find some suggestions on how to work this out via this video here

Is your rate reasonable?

I personally feel that most practitioners vastly undercharge for their services because I don’t believe that we can realistically see 40 clients per week, for some practitioners who see more than one client at a time this can be a much higher figure, over the long term and still maintain the quality of care for our clients and ourselves. Now this may stir the pot for some of you who believe that being in the right state during treatment brings energy to you rather than drains you. To a point I think this is true. However I have met many exceptional practitioners in my life and none of them have been able to do this consistently over the long term. Some have claimed they could but eventually have burnt out due to losing touch with themselves. So if that’s the case then realistically we need to work less and charge more.Now I just want to be clear here as this can be misconstrued. I am not talking about being able to charge 5 times your current rate I’m talking about a more reasonable rate that sustains you over the long term. Now some of you might believe you are worth 5 times your current rate and who am I to argue. But it is one thing to set your rate and another to get people to pay it.

Are you really worth it?

So enough meandering if you want to increase your rate for people to pay it then you need to be worth it. You might provide an amazing consultation or treatment but you need to make sure that all facets of your practice reflect the fee you charge. Do you have systems in place to ensure the process from finding you to re-booking is a smooth as possible? These might include top shelf marketing, booking systems, reminder systems, payment systems, smooth intake methods and making sure you go the extra mile. Your reception area and consultation rooms will need to reflect your fee, the equipment you use, your customer service skills and that of your staff. You want people to be wowed by you and your practice. When you do that quite simply you are worth more. People need to see value for money before parting with their hard earned dollar.So whether you are happy with your current fee or you want to increase it what things can you do to make sure you exceed your client’s expectations. Make a list and start ticking it off.

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