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Well, the title pretty much sums it up. Most of us understand what it is like to feel anxious as a practitioner. And if you don’t, here is one scenario to clarify:

Things have been going ok. You are getting clients through the door and some are coming back. But there is no certainty about next week or the week after. Like most of us you have rent and or a mortgage to pay and while living on the edge can be fun after a while it starts to wear thin.

Just to be safe you make sure you are available 6 days giving you one day to relax….but you don’t use it for that. You spend it catching up on research, paper work, writing articles, organising your new website, designing that flyer, cleaning the house and squeezing in a life.

On the days you are practicing there is also responding to phone or email enquires, keeping onto your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make sure you have a constant presence and then treating your clients with great compassion and care.

It’s no wonder there is a high rate of failure and burnout among natural medicine practitioners. There is no space left for us. So do you want to keep travelling this way or do you want to take some ownership of your life and direction?

I have been in practice now for over 17 years. This state has been present at various times throughout this period.

At the moment I have noticed the anxiety has begun to creep in again. And the cause is the same one as always. I think that doing more will get me where I want to go rather than recognising that my true destination is the present moment. When I look ahead or look behind my state changes to what I felt in the past and what I anticipate for the future not what is going on right now.

A friend of mine was talking about Narrative Therapy yesterday and how what we perceive is in essence how we act and what we create. Now I may have misinterpreted this but it actually makes sense. Because when I push too hard and think about all the things I think I ‘should’ be doing I just get anxious.

When I stop and connect to the present moment I realise the best thing to do right now is to write this article. Because after training practitioners for a number of years I know this is something we all struggle with. In fact being a practitioner and working with people for as long as I have I know that this is not just unique to practitioners. It is the human condition.

The remedy is simple. Create some space….lots of space. The times in your life you feel most connected are likely the ones when you aren’t driving yourself mercilessly or being reactive to the things around you. They are the times when you value space you have created for yourself. Because in my experience both personally and professionally that is when the magic happens.

So I’m taking the day off tomorrow, switching off my phone and going surfing. What about you?

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