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In Chinese medicine stagnation is considered one of the major pathological mechanisms causing disease, particularly in our western society. Stagnation can lead to a host of different pathological issues including, pain, digestive issues, menstrual issues, sinus, insomnia depression and lack of motivation to name a few.

Naturally in clinic as in life we can ebb and flow. At times when we ebb energy slows and sometimes can stagnate. A drop in client numbers can slow the momentum in clinic and our motivation. Low motivation makes it harder to do the things necessary to generate client numbers.

How can we turn this around? Here’s some ideas:

Another element that can create stagnation in your practice is the clinic space. When was the last time you did a clinic overhaul or reshuffle? Often space that is not cleared regularly creates stagnation. Things such as:

  • Book keeping (I know it’s painful isn’t it?)
  • Filing
  • Reorganising stock for sale and getting rid of out of date stock.
  • Watering, cleaning and tending to plants
  • Window cleaning
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Replacing old and tired fittings and furniture
    (or giving them a good clean, refinish to repurpose rather than creating more landfill)
  • Empty out unwanted items from cupboards and desk drawers
  • The big spring clean
    I personally like to pull everything out of the clinic a couple of times a year and spend a day cleaning everything down, behind furniture and the nooks and crannies that don’t always get seen to within your regular cleaning schedule.
  • Trim back and tend outdoor plants and entrance pathways.
  • Revisit aspects of your clinic that block your flow from day to day and create solutions

A stagnant environment creates a stagnant mind. And with a stagnant mind motivation and inspiration fail to exist. Sometimes it is the simple things that can help create the right flow in your clinic.

Author: Jeff Shearer, Ethical Practice
10+ years helping natural medicine practitioners to greater practice success
(whatever ‘success’ is to them)

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