Smarter Not Harder

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Practice Management

Learning to hone your skills as a practitioner is a big part of practice but being able to run a successful practice and create effective practice management strategies is a whole other ball game. For so many practitioners the reasons why they struggle and fail is not because they aren’t good at their modality, it’s because they haven’t taken the time to learn how to run an effective, professional and successful practice.

What are the regular problems you face in your practice management?

  • Social media content development and posting
  • Managing client bookings
  • Client no shows
  • Forgetting important tasks
  • Overwhelm
  • Time management
  • Struggling to manage your book keeping
  • Client retention


In this 2.5 hour online practice management course you will learn:

  • How to find the problem areas in your practice.
  • Common mistakes practitioners like you make.
  • How to reduce overwhelm in your practice.
  • Time management strategies.
  • Assessing what systems you need in your practice.
  • How to implement the best platforms and system into your practice.
  • The importance of customer service.
  • Customer service and care strategies that work.
  • How to maximise your income by reducing time spent running your practice.
  • How to promote yourself without losing your mind
  • How to reduce the chaos in your clinic

Your practice does not have to be a hard slog of day in day out that yields little with regards to income. Learn how make your practice flow,  remove the stress from practice management, improve client outcomes, earn a better income and fall in love with your practice again.

Remember the dream you had when you first decided to become a health care practitioner? How amazing it was, the people you helped, the joy it brought to your life and the lives of the people you helped. It’s time to make your practice dream come true and run your life and practice smarter not harder.

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