Marketing with Soul

$ 12.00 Inc GST


Marketing with Soul seems like an oxymoron really doesn’t it? Because marketing is really about hard core sales and hustle right? Well maybe if your only focus is money.

BUT you are not like that. Whilst you see the value of money it’s not your driving force is it? You got into this industry because you want to help people right? So here’s the quandary. How do you help people if they don’t know what you treat, how you can help them and how to find you? This is where marketing comes in.

Consider marketing like a bridge. A bridge that connects you to the people who could need your help. And, yes, the bridge can be built without any hard-core sales hustle. In this 30,000+ word e-book we will help you:

  • Understand your message so it meets your perfect client
  • Talk confidently about what you do
  • Let your branding speak on your behalf
  • Make your website do the heavy lifting for you
  • How to network with those who can help you build your practice
  • Managing social media without losing your mind

Why should you listen to us?
Jeff Shearer has been in practice since 1995 and continues to run his fully booked practice in Newcastle Australia. Along the way he has made some gargantuan mistakes you can have a chuckle at here. But in the process he has learnt a lot. His past 3 practices have all been booked solid, the last 2 achieved so in less than 6 months from opening. Find out more here.

Megan Hills whilst not in practice has been helping small businesses just like yours to grow and succeed since 1997. Working with creatives, indigenous artists and natural medicine practitioners she understands how important what you do is and why it matters.