Megan Hills

Health Practice Coach


Many health practitioners first came to Megan for her twenty years’ marketing experience. They soon learnt – as Megan originally did – that marketing cannot be seen as something seperate from the rest of your practice. Not if it’s going to have integrity.

Megan was a health practice business coach for over a decade – starting with what makes every practitioner special. What is unique about you is key in how you communicate with the world, especially with your ideal clients.

Other areas Megan has helped practitioners with include: branding, websites, photography, flyers, signage, articles and social media. But she has also helped with clinic systems development, enhancing client care and building strong referral networks.


  • Our logo design wasn’t quite right. And our branding didn’t explain what our clinic actually does. Megan helped us get the branding right – ensuring it worked well on all our promotional material.

    Sharon Armstrong
    Sharon Armstrong Director, Embrace Life
  • With Megan we found the perfect name for my new clinic. She guided me through the branding process and made sure it workedfor all my marketing material and my clinic’s interior design- she considered it all!

    Anita Scherrer
    Anita Scherrer MissingLink Natural Health
  • I had a new clinic so had to start my marketing from scratch. From coaching sessions with Megan it was amazing how fast we got from a clinic name, to a business card and flyers, to a website and social media profiles. I even wrote an ebook and four articles for my blog before the website was launched. I got much more from those sessions than I expected. I recommend Megan to any practitioner wanting their marketing developed the right way - right from the start.

    Peter Haxell
    Peter Haxell Forefront Acupuncture

FREE first TWO chapters:
‘Marketing With Soul’ ebook
(PDF, epub, mobi)

    • The first common trap practitioners fall into
    • 6 marketing questions that will make all the difference
    • How to talk about yourself with ease and authenticity


Highlights from the rest of the book:

  • Ramp up ethical referrals from others
  • Develop a website that generates bookings
  • Easy steps to create your own videos & podcasts
  • Make social media manageable and fun

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