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        A heart-to-heart from practitioner Jeff Shearer:
“Ethical Practice was started with the knowledge that a huge amount of practitioners in natural medicine never go on to create the practice of their dreams. After 23 years in practice I have learnt what are the causes and how to overcome them. It doesn’t matter whether you want to run a home based practice 2 days a week or want to have a multi practitioner practice the problems are the same as are the solutions.

What are the issues?

  • Marketing – Getting new clients
    I know the idea of marketing can seem a bit ‘gold toothed, used car salesman’ can’t it? However marketing is just a bridge that connects you to your prospective clients. You will learn how to market your practice effectively without selling your soul.
  • Client compliance
    ‘My clients won’t do what I tell them’. Learn how to create greater engagement in your advice so your clients get the results you both seek.
  • Money management
    Not having enough comes down to making sure we charge appropriately and can overcome any issues we have around money. It’s also about managing your money so you reduce the stress so many of us have around money. We will discuss how to make the money flow without having to use any hustle or dodgy sales techniques.
  • IT and social media management
    Learn how to manage your internet marketing without losing your mind.
  • Confidence
    Being able to speak and treat with confidence comes with experience. But how do you get confidence when you don’t have enough experience? Learn some simple techniques to help build your confidence and your clients confidence in you.
  • Burnout
    You are your greatest asset. We will teach you how to manage your time to ensure you are being looked after every step of the way. Learning the art of self care not only helps you but helps you help your clients.
  • Results
    These come from more than just your modality and skills. A holistic practice means focusing on more than just this one aspect. Learn how to look after the health of your entire practice to ensure the best results and help you “Love Your Practice.”

COMPLIMENTARY EBOOK (mobi & epub versions)

Because we love your practice as much as you do you will also receive  our 30,000+ word Marketing with Soul ebook packed with tips to help you ignite your practice.


REGISTER FOR BRISBANE | 25 Feb 2018, $95

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Because we don’t like to blow our own trumpet here’s what our participants say:

‘Did I like it? No. I loved it. This seminar nailed it on how to execute the ‘doing’. There were practical insights and ideas that I have never read nor heard of. Rare is a seminar that is done so well that it compels me to take the steps to try a fresh, new road. Which is why I’m going back for seconds next year’ 
– Elisa Yip (Chinese medicine practitioner)

‘One of the most engaging and insightful presenters I’ve seen. Jeff has a unique and fantastic way of educating health practitioners on how to create and grow a clinical practice that they can be proud of. I highly recommend you check out Ethical Practice and what they have to offer.’
– Shaun Brewster (Myotherapist)

‘I have been lucky enough to watch Jeff at work while he delivered his magic at our plenary session to over 300 bodyworkers and manual therapists. He had everyone fixed in their seats as he weaved images of how to run an amazing practice, get social presence and brand yourself to be #1 in your field. Love to sit back and watch and listen to him over and over again because you always pick up more expert advice.’
– Paula Nutting (Massage Therapist)

‘I was a little concerned it could be the type of marketing seminar I run miles from but I went in with as open a mind I could muster. It was however perfect and exactly what I had been searching for. Jeff and his partner Megan were wonderful – and even better, genuine supportive people. If you are thinking you need to love your practice and reconnect with it and you want a great tax deductible holiday – go for it!’
– Michael Warren (Chinese medicine practitioner)

About your presenter

Jeff Shearer has been in practice since 1995. Along the way he made some gargantuan mistakes, but from mobile massage business to running a successful multiple practitioner clinic Jeff has built several highly successful practices over the past 2 decades. Teaching practitioners while running his own fully booked practice means Jeff has the experience necessary to help you build your practice your way.


REGISTER FOR BRISBANE | 25 Feb 2018, $95

REGISTER FOR SYDNEY | 11 March 2018, $95

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