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Love Your Practice Katoomba smoking ceremony – Chris Tobin Darug Elder

In August we held our 3rd Love Your Practice event in the lovely Blue Mountains town of Katoomba. This year was a little different. Instead of the poolside chats from the previous years in Bali this year we had fireside chats in the beautiful Blue Mountains town of Katoomba. Why? Well we listened to those of you who felt Bali was a little too far to get your heads around, so making it more local we did.

Our participants – practitioners like you
Once again we had a beautiful bunch of practitioners from those starting their career to 2 decade veterans. The beauty of this wide spectrum is everyone has something different to bring to the mix. Because these events are not just us telling you what to do but helping you to explore what you want and guide you on ways to help you get there.

Love Your Practice is about taking your love for your modality and desire to help people and translating this though every facet of your practice. Because if we don’t take care of our practice holistically then it struggles to reach its true potential.

The opening sets the scene
The opening to be honest blew my mind. Chris Tobin a local Darug aboriginal man who welcomed us to his country. Chris gave us a smoking ceremony to cleanse our spirits, protect us and help with our 4 day practice development journey. An amazing soul so generous of spirit to have us share the land.

‘It’s great to be away’
Was the common sentiment. For those of you running your own practice you know how consuming it can become and how hard it can be to get a break from the day-to-day. You also know how tough it can be finding the time to really immerse yourself in your practice so as to make that vision a reality. Being able to spend 4 days on just that saw some radical shifts in beliefs and perspectives.

The Real Impact
Practitioners came away with greater confidence around their struggle spots, powerful practice growth strategies and clear ways to implement them. We understand that ideas are only air without the action required to give them life. So each day there was time to flesh out new discoveries and concepts to bring about the best outcomes for the year ahead.

What our participants said
A huge thank you to both of you for your passion and dedication to educating practitioners. Wow. Power couple. So amazing to meet and learn from you. Jeff thank you for your honesty and generosity and Megan thank you for planting the seed for my branding’
Laura R

‘I believe the mission and vision of Ethical Practice has the potential to change the playing field for our profession. This is vital for us thrive now and into the future’
Steve S

‘What a thoroughly useful and enjoyable few days. Invaluable information presented so well. The approachability of Jeff and Megan, their integrity and realness has made this a very special few days. Thank you so much’
Jacqui C

‘I absolutely loved this retreat and I love Jeff and Megan’s vision. Jeff’s presentations were so inspiring, thorough and clear. One of the stand-out attributes of LYP was how practical and human the presentations were. I left with a real sense of support – we are all in this together! Thanks so much guys, I can’t speak highly enough of this experience’

‘Human, practical with an understanding of where people are stuck and meeting them there with solutions that work’
Brigitte L

Worried you missed out?
Don’t worry, we always have something on the boil including our 2018 start off your year with some serious love, Love Your Practice 1 day event in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We will cover the highlight gems:
– Identify your why
– Clarify Your Practice Vision
– Create a Manageable Plan
– Identify the Hurdles to Success
– Put that Baby into Action

Can’t make it?
We always have something to suit every budget to help you create your practice success with effective  practice development strategies. Drop into our online shop to find out more.

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