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Love Your Practice Bali 2016 Report

It was our second Love Your practice event held in Bali and there was no less excitement than the first. So many messages from our participants before they left excited to get away but also excited to spend some time exploring their practice and how they could make it better and within that their own lives as well. Because having a great practice is one thing but having one that gives rather than takes is a completely different scenario.


The Burnout Effect

Some of our participants while quite successful had gotten to the point where they had lost their way and their practice had consumed them. This can be a very frightening place to end up, as it can be incredibly difficult to reinvent yourself when the tank is dry. Finding better ways to create strong boundaries is part of this process and our participants went home with some clear plans on what needed to change. Also part of the process is also re-engaging with ourselves and learning what we, as human beings need to refill the tank and get our inspiration back. Certainly the $8 massages and poolside snoozes were a good start.


The benefit of being away

When we walk the same paths each day it can be difficult to find the inspiration we need to be able to see our practice from a different perspective. We get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of keeping the wheels turning and can lose sight of the bigger picture. Getting away for this event proved an eye opening experience for our attendees allowing them to take stock of what was working, what wasn’t and what they wanted to change.


The Community Effect

Being amongst likeminded people was another benefit mentioned by our attendees. It’s not just about listening to us but the poolside conversations that occurred in the afternoons. Creating strong support networks with other practitioners helps us all to not feel so isolated and learn from each other.

The Outcome

All of our attendees told us at the end that they had received some powerful tools to take home and apply to their practice to make it more successful, run smoothly, help their clients more, look after themselves better and provide a greater sense of fulfillment. And just like last year some are looking forward to joining us for the next one.

We were so happy with the results of this event we are already planning our next Love Your Practice to be held in the Blue Mountains of Australia August 7th – 10th of August 2017 so save the date. If you would like to join us you can register your interest here for when we launch.

Hope to see you by the fire.

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