Jeff Shearer

Speaker & Health Practice Coach


Experience counts

Jeff Shearer wasn’t born yesterday. In fact, he’s been in private health practice since 1995, running a successful remedial massage, and then Chinese medicine clinic – from mobile, to renting a room, to running his own multi-practitioner clinic. Along the way he made huge mistakes but these helped him grow and develop successful strategies to building and maintaining clinics that work.

Currently running his practice Evolve Natural Medicine in Newcastle (NSW, Australia) Jeff knows the challenges you face but more importantly the steps to overcome them.

International Presenter

Jeff is an international presenter at conferences and presentations held by:

  • New Zealand Register of Acupuncture
  • Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association
  • Australian Association of Massage Therapists
  • Australian Hypnotherapists Association
  • World Massage Conference
  • Association of Massage Therapists
  • Reflexology Association of Australia
  • Endeavour College of Natural Health
  • Southern School of Natural Therapies

Well, you can see by the introduction that Jeff has ‘done the rounds’ when it comes to working in different kinds of clinics. The following feathers in his cap have helped many a health practitioner over the years:

  • Money management 
    Many health practitioners have trouble with the money thing, it’s stressful, right? Jeff can help with: what to charge clients, how to manage a clinic budget so it works, how not to give your services away, how to negotiate rental fees, etc. Jeff can talk it through with you in a way that can create clarity and direction on the matter – and a sense of relief.
  • Increasing client numbers
    Learning how to get clients walking through your door is key to being able to create a successful practice. But it’s more than that. Creating excellent communication and care means clients come back, you help them get the results they want, they tell their friends and your practice grows. We haven’t met a health practitioner who actually enjoys selling themselves. Neither does Jeff. That’s why his way of connecting with health professionals works for other practitioners just like you and it feels good.
  • Put your finger on what you want
    …and building ways – in manageable, bite-sized pieces – to grow your practice from a place that feels right to you. Having clarity around what you want your practice to be means it’s easier to create strategies to get you there. Creating your practice your way and making it real.
  • Shifting that client compliance problem
    Do you despair about how your clients don’t follow your advice? Rest assured, you are not alone. There is a worldwide choir of complaints about client non-compliance. Better communication and education is always part of the solution. Jeff in his 20+ years of practice has learnt some powerful simple ways to help your clients help themselves.
  • Burnout prevention
    Health practitioners are notorious for ‘giving service’ while sacrificing their own needs. Having someone help you adjust the pace, work smarter and re-focus on what matters makes your practice not just sustainable but brings the joy back too.
  • Keeping up your mojo 
    Many health practitioners work alone. They may work solo or they may in a busy clinic with other practitioners, but are still essentially working alone. It can be tough to keep up the mojo. Jeff’s understands the need to stay inspired and vibrant in your practice. Keeping you feeling connected and committed means your clients get the best of you every day. After all that’s what it’s all about.
  • My practice was busy but I needed help transitioning to more practitioners. Having someone with experience like Jeff made a huge difference and helped make the process faster with better outcomes.

    Nick Conquest
    Nick Conquest Gardenvale Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Jeff has been an inspiration to my massage therapy group forum in Australia. Always keen to provide powerful information to help our members help their clients more Jeff continues to be a valuable asset to the group.

    Kristie Melling
    Kristie Melling Rubbed The Wrong Way
  • In one consultation Jeff helped me to see why the things I was doing weren’t working, or even what I really wanted. I was able to change those aspects, turning them around to serve both myself and my clients.

    Maria Harpas
    Maria Harpas Natural Health Medicine

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