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Lindi Judge is a Holistic Counsellor at a multi-modality clinic called Lifewise Holistic Health (nestled in the south-west of Western Australia).

Read on because….

While Lindi may practice differently from you, her advice is likely to resonate. Interestingly, her personal definition of success was very different to what most people say – and made perfect sense.


What is holistic body-based counselling?

Holistic body-based counselling is influenced by Rudolf Steiner and recognises of the connection between body, mind and spirit. I work with:

  1. the physical body
  2. etheric or pranic body
  3. astral body or trauma system; and
  4. higher consciousness.

These parts are all energetically connected. The goal of the therapy is to restore balance between these aspects. I help to process and release all experiences, so that no repressed or unprocessed experiences or traumas are running the life of my client. Instead, he or she will be living in a conscious state.

What is ‘success’ for you?

This is an extremely interesting question because we cannot achieve success unless we have clearly defined what success means to us as individuals.

“I don’t measure success in terms of material fortune. To me success is not a destination. It is a journey with multiple peaks and not just one ultimate summit.”

For me success is in navigating that journey both in my personal and professional life with compassion, understanding, love and empathy for myself and others. If each day I am able to achieve small goals and extraordinary outcomes that bring benefit and fulfilment to me and to others, and I have the opportunity to work in a job that I love…this is success!

What are 3 key practical tips you would give to any practitioner in creating a successful health practice?

  1. Branding and planning
  2. Spend money on branding and a professionally designed logo and business cards. Spend the time on developing your mission and vision, develop a business plan and set your goals. Check your goals regularly.
  3. Know what your want
  4. Define what success looks like for you, then go after it!
  5. Ignore doubters
  6. Especially when they are in your own head, and particularly in that first year when the going can be tough.


What has been your biggest blunder in practice?

Under-estimating how tough and lonely that first year can be. The first year is tougher than you expect and if you prepare for this and remain focused, inspired and motivated you will not only survive that first year you will look back on it with joy. Gather positive and inspirational people around you…they will be your blessing and bring you strength.


Lindi Judge (WA, Australia)

Dip. Holistic Counselling, Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling

Member Australian Counselling Association

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