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For most of us in this crazy world time is not always easy to find to do the things we need to. Your practice likely has the same problem. Without effective time management tools your practice and you will likely suffer. Recently working with a practitioner who has a multi modality clinic and struggling to get everything done I asked a question.

Do you make time to work on your practice?

The answer was ‘No, generally I try to fit in the tasks I need to do in between my own clients, managing practitioners and trying to fit in time with my kids.’

The problem here was that there was no real strategy to try and solve the issue of constant chaos and problems within the practice.

Having run several of my own successful practices I learnt along the way that trying to fit important tasks into spare moments meant that in many cases I always had a massive list of things to do, didn’t do tasks very well and took far longer than necessary to be able to eventually complete them.

Just like the video we have for you today if you want your practice to grow into it’s full potential you need to take the time out to nurture it. Just like the vegetable patch. I needed to make a plan, put in seeds at the right time, water them daily, keep an eye out for bugs, make changes if problems arose and then enjoy the fruits, or vegetables, of my labour.

You can be the best practitioner in the world and still fail to create a successful and sustainable practice. Being able to set aside regular time to plan and create action is the fastest way to be able to get busy and stay busy doing what you love.

How can you do it?

First create scheduled times to spend working on your practice. For most of us this is actually the hardest part due to living a time poor life. However doing things sporadically or not at all will likely cost you a lot of time in the long run. The old saying ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is well known for a reason. It works.

Sometimes you might have to sacrifice things in order to make the time but it will be worth it in the long run. Just as watching your practice flounder can be soul destroying, watching it prosper is one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have.

Be strict with yourself and stick to your schedule. Turn off your emails and Facebook and focus your attention on one task until it is complete

The outcome

Having implemented this strategy into my life a long time ago I was able to create the life and practice that I always wanted. My practice has been booked out for years and I am able to help lots of people. I am able to manage my time better which means I have more of it to do the other things in my life I like to do, one of them is having the time to write these articles.

And don’t forget, what you do is of great importance. You are a health care practitioner and you have the capacity to change lives for the better with every person that you treat.

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