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Here are some feedback from our health practitioner event participants…

  • Ethical Practice has on several occasions provided online learning for our members. Understanding the needs of the practitioner in developing a successful practice is key to us providing our members with the best resources possible. Jeff Shearer provides a unique style of presenting information that resonates with our members. Highly organised and professional he is a pleasure to work with.

    Alexandra Middelton
    Alexandra Middelton Australian Traditional Medicine Society
  • As CEO of Massage and Myotherapy Australia I recognise the need practitioners have for business support. Jeff has presented for the Association on more than one occasion and helps unravel the business side of practice in ways our members understand in an ethical manner, with practical tools they can apply. A highly professional and energetic presenter.

    Tricia Hughes
    Tricia Hughes Massage & Myotherapy
  • One of the most engaging and insightful presenters I’ve seen. Jeff has a unique and fantastic way of educating health practitioners on how to create and grow a clinical practice that they can be proud of. I highly recommend you check out Ethical Practice and what they have to offer.

    Shaun Brewster
    Shaun Brewster CE Australia
  • Jeff Shearer has presented at the national Australian Association of Massage Therapists Conference on two separate occasions.  His presentation style is always dynamic, inspiring while providing real advice on matters of running and succeeding in practice. A well organised professional presenter who provides all relevant information including bios, promotional images and presentation material prior to the event is a welcome gift to any conference organiser. Jeff ticks all of those boxes.

    Dave Sheehan
    Dave Sheehan AAMT
  • As a member of the board of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association for a number of years I have had the pleasure of dealing with Jeff Shearer as a regular presenter at our national conference. Jeff makes the admin teams task easy by providing all relevant information well prior to any deadlines. His presenting style is deeply engaging and leaves attendees with a wide range of useful skills related to running a private practice. Highly recommended.

    Matt O’Hara
    Matt O’Hara AACMA
  • Having been in practice a number of years I was looking for ways to streamline my practice. Making time to work on admin, systems and client care was hard to do. I attended Love Your Practice Bali in 2016 and found Jeff and Megan to be dynamic presenters with a wealth of experience. I was so impressed I came back in 2017 as I realised how important taking time to work on my practice was.

    David Lillibridge
    David Lillibridge Love Your Practice Retreat
  • I attended Love Your Practice 2017 after an extended period of time away from practice. The retreat helped me to isolate my strengths and weaknesses and create strategies to utilise and improve them more effectively. Starting out again can be a lonely business and having the support of the Ethical Practice team made it not only manageable but achievable.

    Steve Slater Love Your Practice Retreat
  • Showed passion and inspiring enthusiasm…knows from experience – conveyed well…Inspired me to start actioning my long-term plan as a student.

    Jen Your Vision – Your Success
  • The content was very relevant to what I wanted to know, and Jeff was great at communicating this and maintaining interest….communication really motivated me – I wanted to know more and inspired me to continue planning for my dream…The meditation was great and the questions in the book were good for focusing ideas…(useful for) how to take my hugely broad dreams and focus them realistically. Gave me motivation to keep planning and focus on my dream…All was useful to me.

    Amy Your Vision–Your Success
  • Good to hear from somebody who has gone through it and speaks from experience…cartoons bring subject alive…breaking the whole ‘scary’ process of setting up a clinic into manageable steps…inspiration and motivation to follow my dream…fantastic seminar.

    Anita Your Vision–Your Success
  • Jeff walks and talk a successful natural therapy business model and imports his knowledge and passion with inspiration. Thanks Jeff and Megan!

    John Your Vision–Your Success
  • It was reassuring knowing that Jeff has 'been there and done that' and delivered the content from a place of complete understanding

    Alison Your Vision–Your Success
  • Jeff is a very motivated, knowledgeable and engaging speaker who conveys the information that’s easy to understand – and more importantly, easy to implement into my business.

    Beau Your Vision–Your Success
  • Gained more clarity and a take-home system to create what it is I want to have…Great, practical seminar.

    Rod Your Vision–Your Success
  • Being a ‘veteran’ it was a very useful review that reminded me of things I have neglected or forgotten. Also appreciated the ‘ethical’ attitude 🙂 …It was a very useful and enjoyable afternoon.

    Lisa Your Vision–Your Success
  • At last, a seminar that does not have a hidden ‘agenda’ i.e. pushing an expensive coaching/business practice. Good advice on goal setting and dream planning...Graphics were fabulous – great artwork.

    Sharon Your Vision–Your Success
  • You are a fabulous engaging speaker. Pleasure listening to you.

    Vicki Kindilien Marketing With Soul
  • I’m voting your presentation as the best of the conference on their survey…I’d like to hire you as a consultant!

    David Brown Marketing With Soul
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed your seminar. Direct relevance to our profession – perfect!

    Andrew Romano Marketing With Soul
  • Made me think about getting a website together again – had one for years but felt it had all stagnated – so I feel reinspired. Also made me think about facebook more seriously and redesigning my business card….Many thanks, Jeff. Very useful to me.

    Charlotte Stuart Marketing With Soul
  • Thank you! What a refreshing, dynamic presentation.

    Annie Warrington Marketing With Soul
  • To be honest I was just so impressed Jeff and Megan had come up with the genius idea of combining CPE points, biz development and tax deductible holiday all in one.. 3 birds with one stone! However, spending 4 days with these 2 wonderful people and a group of awesome colleagues I learned so much about where to take my business. Reminders of what I needed to do, what I should just drop. It was such a relief to spend time thinking about these things in a chilled out and fun environment. Highly recommend it.

    Alexandra Y Love Your Practice Retreat
  • I was a little concerned it could be the type of marketing seminar I run miles from but I went in with as open a mind I could muster. It was however perfect and exactly what I had been searching for. Jeff and his partner Megan were wonderful – and even better, genuine supportive people. If you are thinking you need to love your practice and reconnect with it and you want a great tax deductible holiday – go for it!

    Michael W Love Your Practice Retreat
  • Did I like it? No. I loved it. This seminar nailed it on how to execute the ‘doing’. There were practical insights and ideas that I have never read nor heard of. Rare is a seminar that is done so well that it compels me to take the steps to try a fresh, new road. Which is why I’m going back for seconds next year

    Elisa Y Love Your Practice Retreat

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