What we will be covering in this course to help you ignite your practice.
1. Introduction & key Message
2. Introducing you, the practitioner
3. Your logo & branding
4. Biz card
5. Promotional images
6. Signage
7. Printed material
8. Networking in your neighbourhood
9. Talking to other practitioners
10. Community education
11. Introduction to websites
12. Articles
13. Videos & Podcasts
14. E-news
15. Introduction to Social media

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FREE first TWO chapters:
‘Marketing With Soul’ ebook
(PDF, epub, mobi)

    • The first common trap practitioners fall into
    • 6 marketing questions that will make all the difference
    • How to talk about yourself with ease and authenticity


Highlights from the rest of the book:

  • Ramp up ethical referrals from others
  • Develop a website that generates bookings
  • Easy steps to create your own videos & podcasts
  • Make social media manageable and fun

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