Am I enough?

I’ve been in practice for over 25 years. But I still remember clearly how I felt when I first rolled up at the college. Excited, yes. But, not being a natural student, I was also terrified. [...]

Are you running your sessions overtime?

I recently I made an appointment to see a new massage therapist at a clinic I hadn’t been to before. The experience didn’t go as planned…. Being a practitioner myself, I always arrive [...]

Managing Client Expectations

What are you clients expectations? Before you can answer this question we need to take a moment to consider where they are at and what they are going through. Clients often seek treatment because [...]

To Discount or Not to Discount

It is the age-old struggle of the practitioner. For most of us we get into practice because we want to help people and the money thing is secondary. So when it comes time for payment or people [...]

6 Key Marketing Questions

This marketing schtick is so boring, right? All any of us want to do is focus on the good stuff of treating clients and getting awesome results. Well, I certainly do. But after being in practice [...]

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