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Building Practitioner Confidence

Why did you choose to become a practitioner?

Most likely because you believe in the power your modality has to change lives. So why is it then that many of us struggle to create health practice success? We have belief, conviction and knowledge, so what then is stopping us?

How your confidence affects you.

In many cases I find it’s confidence. For some reason we step out into the world and we start to doubt ourselves, sometimes we may even go as far as doubting our modality. So why does this happen? Well let’s face it for many practitioners we get through our studies and get spat out into the world with not a lot of real support or real understanding of practice management and development. Whilst we may be very good practitioners much of what we have learned is effectively untested by us. We have yet to make that leap from theory to reality. But how do you think we overcome this? By stepping off the edge and having a damned good crack at it. If we believe so much in the power of what we do then should we not be forced to prove that belief is justified?

Confidence comes with practice and a little bit of….

There are many things in my life at one point that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do. Some terrified me for one reason or another. In all of those cases I didn’t just step through a curtain that transformed my inability to ability. I dipped my toe in the water, found that it didn’t dissolve, put my foot in and gradually lowered myself to my neck. I realised that was not as bad as I thought. The swimming thing was another challenge altogether but through education, support and perseverance I conquered that too. This is the story of all of us. We don’t miraculously succeed at something without stepping into our fear and learning to overcome our limitations. Your practice is the same.

Are your expectations reasonable?

I have found in my years of practice that for many of us our expectations are unrealistic. When I first finished studying my massage course I bought a mobile phone and waited for it to ring. It didn’t…oh wait it did but it was always my mother, bless her. I feel silly admitting this now in hindsight but I don’t think I’m alone.We all have an expectation when we finish studying that the hard work is over and within a couple of weeks the ‘universe’ will provide us with enough clients that we can quit our café job. When it doesn’t our confidence begins to falter. We now have to embark on a whole new journey of learning and in my case I arrogantly believed I could do this on my own.Through sheer stubbornness I actually did but there was a cost and that was time. Had I sought help and taken action instead of waiting for it to happen perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so long in the wilderness.

So in essence what I am trying to say is confidence isn’t something that happens. Building your confidence comes with experience, with testing the water and learning to swim and practice success requires the commitment to learn, act and persevere. If you believe so much in the powers of your modality then don’t you think it deserves at least this?

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