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This marketing schtick is so boring, right? All any of us want to do is focus on the good stuff of treating clients and getting awesome results. Well, I certainly do. But after being in practice since 1995, I have learned that this is just one aspect of running a successful practice.

Marketing is how you educate the public and help them to decide that over everyone else you are the one they are going to choose because you have got something going on. How do you do this? Pretty logos or pictures are only a very small part of the story.

The 6 key marketing questions are what you need to answer effectively to make sure every bit of marketing you do works bringing you all of those people who desperately need your help. Let’s get this baby rolling then.


1. What problems do you solve?
Not just ‘we make you feel better’ or ‘we treat your whole system to bring balance’ but specific issues such as neck pain, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, insomnia, pms, rheumatoid arthritis etc. The mistake many practitioners make with their marketing is they make it too general in an attempt to cover all the bases. However Josephine Public responds to issues they either have themselves or know someone who has them. So being more specific about the conditions you treat will tweak their curiosity and have a much greater impact.
A little tip for you: Pain is considered the major reason people seek help with health issues so it is worth considering covering pain related conditions in your marketing, if that is an area you are happy to work with.


2. Who do you solve it for?
Understanding the demographic or type of person you are likely to aim for helps you to be able to adjust your marketing material so that these people are more likely to respond to it. For example if I wanted to focus on high-end athletes my marketing material would differ dramatically to a practitioner who was focusing on retirees. The images I would choose, the style of writing, the colours and the fonts would all be different. So being clear about who you want to work with helps to define your marketing approach and material from the very beginning. The benefit, well more clients of course.


3. What methods/modalities/approaches do you use?
Helping prospective clients to understand what it is you actually do creates a greater level of comfort and ease. This makes the decision to contact you that much easier. We forget in many cases potential clients may know very little about what we do and so providing more information helps them to make the right decision for them. This is an opportunity to explain different facets of your modality to help people understand what you do. If they are confused you have no chance so   keep your explanations simple and avoid too many technical terms.


4. What is the experience/outcome?
Now this can be a little bit tricky when it comes to ethics and it is important to note that any practitioner who guarantees an outcome is operating on the wrong side of the ethical fence. So this is not about giving guarantees but providing some options. It could be something like:
“Our aim is to provide you with the best care available. We take the time to go through your specific situation, we avoid a one size fits all approach, and formulate an effective individual treatment strategy so you can get back to living your life symptom free.”
“Our clients often say they are amazed at how much change can occur during a kinesiology session.”


5. What is special about you?
Many practitioners struggle with this one as it sounds like you are being   conceited, you aren’t. This is just helping your client to understand the benefits of coming to see you over any other practitioner or modality. By being able to articulate what makes you stand out from the crowd or your  voice rise above the choir a point of difference is important. Otherwise you fall into the category of just another ‘x’ practitioner. If you have been in practice for a long time using this fact helps to build credibility however being not long out of college has the advantage that your   training is cutting edge and up to date. Maybe you spend more time with clients than other practitioners. Perhaps you go the extra mile by giving effective client education so your clients are able to take positive steps toward their own self care. As this is a tough one for most practitioners take  some time to ponder your answers. Remember too that you can always   further refine all of your answers over time. Communication of your message is vital to improve your rate of new clients. Many practitioners spend all of their time honing their practice skills but forget that communication is a keystone to success. Going back over this information regularly helps you to gradually refine your message so it brings the ailing masses to your door.


6. How do I reach you?
I know this is so obvious right? So obvious that I regularly come across marketing material that fails to have contact details on it. Taking the time to make it as easy as possible for people to be able to contact you is the final piece to creating your marketing masterpiece. Without this one nailed down you have wasted all of your time and hard earned money. Make sure your contact details are easy to spot on absolutely every piece of marketing material that you send out into the world. If you have a website scatter those ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Book Now’ links and buttons almost as liberally as fairy dust maximum 3 times per page and in appropriate locations.


Okay, now you have the foundation of all of your marketing material. Certainly you can build more information into these questions but the answer to these informs the text you write, the images you choose, the font of your text, the colours of your marketing material, the logo and even the name of your business. That’s how important these six questions are.

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