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It’s the time of the year for reflection and looking back 2017 has been a rollercoaster. The good news is we survived it…and so did you. In this article later on we’ll tell you our successes and failures for 2017.

Where are you now?

Have you achieved what you were hoping to this year? Were you over ambitious or was there a little procrastination monster hiding on your shoulder? The art to achievement is being able to self-assess. Taking a look at the hurdles you have faced, the ones you cleared and the ones that stopped you helps you to be able to create strategies for the year to come. If you continue the strategies you used last year then those blocks to your success will continue to be like this year.

Celebrate your wins

Taking stock of your wins is part of your review. Look at the things that worked and why. It’s great to know that some of your efforts are achieving real things, otherwise we start to wonder what’s the point. It can be easy with reviews to focus on only what hasn’t worked and this will just bring you down. It’s also good to be able to see why some things worked. Perhaps some of the success strategies can be implemented into other areas.

What’s next?

Looking forward is part of working toward your ultimate practice vision. What areas need some work? How will you do this? When will you put aside time to work on building your practice? Most people start planning their year at the beginning of the year. We recommend hitting the ground running. Check out our latest video on planning ahead.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t forget you are human and with that comes the capacity for amazing successes but also gargantuan failures. You can read our top 15 here. Success is not something that just occurs. It usually comes off the back of many mistakes. The difference between those who fail and those who succeed is how failure is dealt with. Acknowledge the mistake, dust yourself off, analyse the situation, create a strategy, implement and repeat. The voice in your head that tells you you aren’t ‘good enough’ or you are ‘useless’ etc is a stupid voice. Don’t listen to it or give it power over you. You are nothing short of amazing. Don’t ever think any different.

How did we go? 

Our practice Evolve Natural Medicine continued to grow with our expansion of opening hours. It has gone so well we have instigated the process to bring on another practitioner to work with us. We were having to turn people away and that makes us sad. The advantage is we have done this before so know the practitioner recruitment, training and management ropes. If you haven’t been there this is a huge learning curve. Last year we swore not to do as many events this year and we pulled that one off. From 10 events last year this year we did:

  • 2 national conferences
  • 2 online events
  • 1 international online conference
  • Love Your Practice Katoomba 4 day event (it was awesome)
  • 1 webinar for Australian Chinese medicine practitioners that raised over $2000 for the Acupuncture Now Foundation
  • Launched 5 ebooks

Not bad hey?

But before you get too much into congratulatory mode, thanks by the way, there were some not so good moments too.

  • Jeff basically overdid things and became very unwell. Yes that old ‘practice what you preach’ thing is hard for all of us. We aren’t perfect and we will never profess to be. Don’t worry we made some changes and things have certainly improved.
  • Our website had a complete meltdown – but we now have a schwanky new one (there’s an upside to everything). Drop in to see the amazing resources we now have for you and your clients.


The beautiful

It’s hard to quantify the amazing outpouring of love and support we received from complete strangers when we announced Jeff being ill. It can be easy sometimes to look at all the things that are wrong with the world particularly when you are under par but the kindness we received still brings tears to our eyes.

As always our efforts need to be clearly focused on managing our expectations of ourselves. Ambition is a wonderful thing but living is too.

Don’t forget to take stock over the weeks to come and make sure you show kindness to those who need it most. We look forward to helping you help more in 2018.


Next year we already have a bunch of things lined up including:

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