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Feeling spent? Just want to recover so you can hit the ground running in 2017? We get it. But today let’s take a mo’ to reflect on how you went. An enjoyable reflection on what may have been a rather challenging year. Yes, at the end of each year it’s natural to ask: “What did I achieve”? But…

‘Achieve’ can be a tricky word

Like the words ‘Success’ and ‘Win’. We hear these words so often they can begin to irk us. So what do these words really mean to us? Yes, it’s nice to acknowledge the ‘big wins’. Let’s not forget those small things that matter. We like to call them the ‘introvert achievements’.

What are ‘introvert achievements’?

Maybe it’s successfully paying the bills all year. Perhaps it’s keeping your kids on track with school work – no glamorous awards or Straight As, but on track. Exercising – actually exercising (walking that ‘exercise talk’ you have with your clients). Keeping your clinic door open – no major boost in client numbers, but still trading okay. That kind of thing.

About those stuff-ups…

Yep, the year’s stuff-ups are worth acknowledging too. Not to beat ourselves up, but to pay homage to the fact that we are human. Stuff-ups are golden learning tools. And we never stop learning. Own your 2016 stuff-ups in the spirit of healthy detachment and willingness to grow from this wiffy-but-rich fertiliser.

Our review?

At Ethical Practice, our 2016 Review reflects a mix of nice wins, introvert achievements and stuff-up fertiliser. Here’s our highlights:

  • Created a new practice in a completely new town: fully booked within 6 months (more here)
  • Provided over 100 hours of treatment to people who couldn’t afford it; over 50 hours of free consultations to practitioners; ran a volunteer clinic in Bali where with 3 other practitioners treating over 190 people; raised over $700 for a Balinese orphanage (more here); provided business development assistance to Indigenous healers and artists (working in health) in Northern Territory, Australia
  • Presented at 10 events – including: 2 national conferences; 2 online events for national associations; ran 1-week long retreat in Bali (more here)
  • Developed a new 3.5 day retreat for Aug 2017 in the Blue Mountains with four high-profile international speakers and seven lovely sponsors confirmed (more here)
  • Megan enjoying watercolour painting, Jeff getting back into Bagua Zhang Martial Arts, both hanging out with our cat more, making new friends, shopping regularly at the Farmers Market.
  • Put on weight, slept less than we planned for, overdid the travelling, lost our exercise mojo more than once (realising – once again – that we are only human and need to look after ourselves better)


It was way too much

At the end of 2016 we find ourselves utterly exhausted. Our greatest struggle is learning to moderate our excitement for things and keep them manageable and sustainable. 2017, we plan to do less and do it better – and be very clear on our priorities (for ourselves AND our businesses).

So, back to you…

How is 2016 looking from here? Take some time to reflect. Write down what comes up for you. Take time to celebrate the good that came from 2016 for you. And know that what you do matters. What you do DOES make a difference in the lives of the people you touch. Sometimes the difference doesn’t always come with bells and whistles. And that’s okay.

Next – manageable – steps

When you have done that take some time to think about how you can do it better in 2017. What were the points of struggle, the blocks, the stresses? How can you overcome them this year? Are you heading in the direction you want to be? Take some time to work out some strategies. Then make a plan. Here is an article to show you how.

Illustration by Megan Hills

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