Delicious Chia Seed Porridge

  Getting your day started with a good breakfast is the way to make sure you get the best out of you and are able to do the things you need to. This delicious Chia seed porridge is just the [...]

What Are You Worth? Let’s Find Out

What Are You Worth? So I know that underneath that veneer you are actually priceless and there is no way we could put a price tag on you but what about the services you provide? What are you [...]

The Art Of Planning

I know. Here he goes again on this ‘making a plan’ thing. Yep that’s right. I am going to dedicate this article entirely to planning. Why? Because having a plan is in my experience one of the [...]

Building Practitioner Confidence

Building Practitioner Confidence Why did you choose to become a practitioner? Most likely because you believe in the power your modality has to change lives. So why is it then that many of us [...]