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The beginning

Can you feel it? That excitement. You’ve had a break finally and had time to percolate all those ideas that you want to get started on. You are so totally motivated your mouth edges and teeth hurt from champing at the bit. You set yourself up at your desk feeling the surge of all of those ideas rush to your head. This year is the year and you are going to set the world on fire with your private practice success.


So lets get started with a your list. It goes something like this, I am going to:

  • Sort out my book keeping once and for all
  • Create a book-keeping schedule so I don’t freak out at the last minute lie every other year
  • Create a list of articles I am going to write this year
  • Set time aside to write those articles
  • Schedule those articles into a regular e-news instead of the sporadic virtually non-existent version I did last year.
  • Re-write my web text to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Find out what Search Engine Optimisation means.
  • Go out to connect with other practitioners…write a list of those I want to meet.
  • Set aside regular time to study more on my modality
  • Create a study group
  • Start posting regularly on social media
  • Oh wait that means I need to create and find content to be able to do that..add that to the list…hang on this is the list
  • Work on my client retention
  • Set up some sort of client analytics so I can keep track of things like new client retention.
  • Look at that online scheduling software I have been putting off for the past 8 months
  • Make sure I don’t get distracted by things and finish what I…..
  • Make sure I am only working 5 days a week this year… but man I have a lot of things to get through
  • Overwhelm myself and slowly rock in the corner shaking (tick)

Ok so that’s not working so well is it? Actually it didn’t work that well last year either or the year before. How can you get on track and resolve all of these issues without losing your mind?


Managing Overwhelm – Practice Plan

Overwhelm is a sneaky little critter that can get under your skin and cause havoc if you let it. First off reduce the pressure to make everything run perfectly. Life is always a work in progress and so is your practice. It’s great to have goals as a point to aim for your private practice success. Deadlines help make it more realistic but remember the world will not end if you don’t make it. You will however have put a dent in your to do list and that is always a good thing. In essence keep it all in perspective.

Lets apply a little structure to your list and create a practice plan:

  1. What do you want to achieve this year and why?
  2. More clients to be able to help more people understand their health better
  3. Greater financial stability
  4. Improve my skills in my modality
  5. More time to be with family and friends
  6. How can you achieve this?
  7. Improved client intake
  8. Improved client retention
  9. Better financial tracking
  10. Time allocated to study cases
  11. Clearly defined work/ home time
  12. Break them into sub sections
  13. Practice marketing
  14. Client management
  15. Admin/ Time mangement
  16. Distribute your list at the top into these sections
  17. Create the time to achieve your list
  18. Action put it into practice and refine it as you go.


Practice Marketing

  • Articles– List
  • – Create content
  • – Images research (you can use free photos with attribution)
  • – Schedule e-news (try Mailchimp, it’s our pick)
  • Networking – List of who
  • – Contact them (email or ph initially)
  • – Information to provide (research articles, flyers etc)
  • – Perhaps have regular meet-up/ study group
  • Website – SEO research
  •           – Research how to change SEO on my platform (we recommend
  • WordPress as the most user friendly platform)
  • – Change web text
  • – Add articles for e-news on to website (double up the use of
  • content)
  • Social media – Check out social media scheduling platforms (we
  • recommend Hootsuite,find out how)
  •      – Create content for posting (we recommend setting up Google
  • Alerts, find out how) Schedule content in advance
  • – Schedule content in advance (Hootsuite again)
  • – Can use e-news articles for some posts

Client management

  • Online scheduling – Research options (Take a look at Cliniko, Mindbody
  • online, Fullslate, Acusimple)
  • – Some systems provide client retention analysis
  •           (additional problem solved)
  • – Some integrate with e-news platforms (time saver)
  • – Some integrate with book keeping platforms (another
  • time saver)
  • – Clients can book online (time saver and better service)
  • – Set time for study of cases etc
  • Client retention – If clients don’t come back you have a serious problem. Identifying the causes
  • can take a bit of time but you can check out this article for some pointers


Admin/ Time management

  • Schedule – Set time to complete ongoing tasks each week
  • – Set time to complete other projects each week
  • – Set time for study of cases etc

Here’s a very basic example

8am – 12pm 1pm – 5pm 5pm – 7pm
Mon Off Off Meditation
Tue Admin Clinic Clinic
Wed Clinic Marketing Family dinner
Thu Client management Clinic Clinic
Fri Clinic Study Clinic
Sat Clinic Clinic Family dinner
Sun Off Off Off


  • Reduce distraction – Take social media accounts of my ph
  • – Check social media once a day only, create a set time
  • – Check emails at set times (we suggest 10am and 4pm)
  • – Or only respond to emails that require immediate
  • Put the rest into an action folder.

What this gives you is set times to complete important tasks with decent amounts to get something done. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to fit these tasks in around clients. In the end it doesn’t work and it drives you crazy. This schedule creates enough time for clients 30 hours, enough time to do the things that make your clinic and your life run smoothly 12 hours and time with family and friends.

Give this a try or feel free to tell us your methods of getting your year into gear via email or by posting in our comments section.

If you are still struggling we are here to help. We offer a complimentary one hour consultation to help you find an individual path for you. At the end of the session there are no special deals or pressure to sign up to or for anything.

We can only allocate a certain number of complimentary sessions each week. If you want to hit the ground running for the start of the year book a session now

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