eBook: Discover Your Practice Map

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Knowing what your ideal practice is one thing.
Working out how to get there? Quite another.

Your path is your own. That’s why this is a guide to creating a map – a plan – that suits you.

This is not just about creating a practice plan. It’s also about ensuring your plan doesn’t end up scrunched up in the back of a cupboard. You want a plan that you actually….well….want. Something that is well paced, inspires you to keep going and adapts when life changes and new information comes to the fore. Because that happens. Life changes. Plans change.

This book has practical questions for you to answer. But you also have three health practitioner friends – Jeff, Violet and Warren – to help you along the way.

About the authors

Jeff Shearer has been in private health practice since 1995, running a successful remedial massage, and then acupuncture clinic – from mobile, to renting a room from a multi-modality clinic, to running his own multi-practitioner natural therapy clinic. He is an international speaker and coach for health practitioners globally. Jeff has learnt some valuable lessons about how:

  • to achieve better health results for clients
  • build a successful practice
  • to create a practical business plan that excites you
  • maintain life balance

Achieving it all without sacrificing standards of care.

Megan Hills has worked with natural therapists and counsellors in small business and marketing since 2003. She has a special knack to find out what is special about each practitioner and matching that specialness with what prospective clients are looking for. She also actively helps to create practice plans that personally resonate(no off-the-shelf approaches here) and is manageable (no need for burnout) for thatpractitioner’s particular needs. Embracing everyone’s different personality and quirks – and showing how specialness can be helpful to others – is all part of true practice success.

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