AHPRA Advertising Guidelines online course

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What are the AHPRA  advertising guidelines?

Under National law 133 registered practitioners are required to adhere to a series of guidelines. One of these is the AHPRA advertising guidelines. For Chinese medicine practitioners registration occurred in 2012 and has meant a steep learning curve.

What do I need to know about AHPRA advertising guidelines?

Understanding the ins and outs of the AHPRA advertising guidelines and specific CMBA guidelines can be one hell of a headache. Particularly if if getting through this kind of reading is like eating cardboard for you. However in this video series we cover the bones of the information provide examples and common areas of advertising guideline breaches.

We will cover of the AHPRA advertising guidelines

Module 1
– General guidelines
– Principles underpinning the guidelines
– ‘Scope of practice’ versus ‘title’
– Penalties

Module 2
– Deceptive and misleading advertising
– Gifts, discounts and incentives
– Testimonials

Module 3
– Creating unreasonable expectations
– Encouraging indiscriminate use of a health service
– Social media
– Use of titles

Module 4
– Advertising specialties or endorsements
– Advertising price information
– Use of scientific information

Why do I need to know about AHPRA advertising guidelines?

The national guidelines are law and as a registered Chinese medicine practitioner or registered acupuncturist it is your responsibility to make sure your advertising complies.

What happens if my advertising is not compliant?

You run the risk of significant fines and potential suspension of your registration

Where can I find a copy of the AHPRA advertising guidelines?

Right here and also here

Whether you agree with the rules around registration or not for the Chinese medicine industry to become the powerful force it really is as a community we need to spend more of our time being able to help our clients and less of our time dealing with complaints from AHPRA. I urge each of you to take the time to learn about your responsibilities under registration so together we can make Chinese medicine achieve it’s destiny in Australia.

Does this course cover professional issues?

Yes this course is eligible for 2 hours professional issues CPD

When can I access the course?

Once you have purchased the course you will receive an email showing you how to access the course. You can access and complete the course any time.