Practice launch for introverts

‘I needed to spread the news – fast – that I was open for business. Megan came up with the idea of ‘marketing for introverts’ – which I think is wonderful and such a relief for people like me. Megan has gently coached me through creating a logo brief for the graphic designer, design ideas and writing the content for my brochure and website, and setting up my social media profiles.

Megan also coached me through setting up my MailChimp e-news account and template – even how to write my first e-news article and how to select the best photo to go with it and load it all. She has also taught me about SEO. I couldn’t have done it without Megan – I am so grateful.

In short, Megan got my business ‘out there’ – and how! I’d recommend her to anyone wanting valuable, practical marketing advice.’

– Kate Gilbert, Subtle Energy EFT



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