Positive results – without the hype

“For four years now Jeff has been an invaluable guide and mentor. He is always direct in his feedback which though sometimes can be confronting, ultimately only necessitates that you confront yourself… your intentions, motivations and doubts. In so doing, you help clarify where you are heading and what you need to do to get there.

The great thing about Jeff’s directness is that it is always delivered with sensitivity and a splash of humour. This makes it much easier to swallow and then put in to action. He is a wonderful individual who has successfully walked the road as a practitioner. So the insight he shares is always directly applicable, useful and has created positive results in my clinic both for myself and my clients.

If you need to improve your business but don’t resonate with all the business world “hype”, then Jeff is your man!”

– Sally Wicks, EasyKineasey




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