Love Your Practice Katoomba recap

Love Your Practice Katoomba smoking ceremony – Chris Tobin Darug Elder   In August we held our 3rd Love Your Practice event in the lovely Blue Mountains town of Katoomba. This year was [...]


  REGISTER FOR MELBOURNE | 11 Feb 2018, $95 REGISTER FOR BRISBANE | 25 Feb 2018, $95 REGISTER FOR SYDNEY | 11 March 2018, $95 A heart-to-heart from practitioner Jeff Shearer: “After 23 [...]

Social media made easy for natural therapists

Are you a natural health therapist who finds the idea of using social media for their practice overwhelming (or underwhelming)? You are not alone – by a long shot. So it’s not surprising that the [...]

FREE 1st chapter:
'Marketing With Soul' ebook
(PDF, epub, mobi)

  • How to make marketing your friend
  • 6 marketing questions that will make all the difference
  • How to tune your marketing to your vision
  • Connect meaningfully with your client before you’ve met
  • Talk about yourself with ease and authenticity
  • How social media can be manageable and fun

FREE first TWO chapters:
‘Marketing With Soul’ ebook
(PDF, epub, mobi)

    • The first common trap practitioners fall into
    • 6 marketing questions that will make all the difference
    • How to talk about yourself with ease and authenticity


Highlights from the rest of the book:

  • Ramp up ethical referrals from others
  • Develop a website that generates bookings
  • Easy steps to create your own videos & podcasts
  • Make social media manageable and fun

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