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Marketing and soul for many of us seem to be words that have no real synergy. For many practitioners marketing conjures the idea of the snake oil salesman or the gold toothed used car guy. Just the thought of marketing makes us feel uncomfortable.

As health care practitioners we decided on our career because we wanted to do something worthwhile, something of note, something that made a real difference in the world and to the people we touch. So the idea of marketing is abhorrent to even consider mentioning at the dinner table let alone engage in. We are people with high moral integrity and marketing must be the opposite of that surely.

Really? Are you sure?

If we think about snake oil it is something that claims a benefit that it doesn’t actually provide. And what you do as a practitioner does have a benefit, does achieve an impact and does make a difference. So what you do is not snake oil. What you do is works and being able to ease the pain and suffering of the masses is a pretty important thing. Don’t you think?

So what is marketing then?

The dictionary tells us this:

the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Ok in layman’s terms marketing is about education. Educating the public about:

  • What you do
  • How you can help them
  • What’s the benefit
  • Why you are worth seeing over anyone else
  • How they find you

If what you do is so valuable then doesn’t it make sense for more people to know about it? Doesn’t it make sense for people to know what it treats, that you are a practitioner and how they might be able to contact you for help? And unfortunately they won’t know any of this unless you use some form of marketing to tell them. Because as much as we like to think the universe will deliver it needs to have your email address and phone number to do so.

If we believe so passionately about our modality and it’s benefit to the world then is it not our responsibility to own it and tell the world.

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