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Safflower is a licensed Chinese medicine dispensary and clinic servicing Australian practitioners and patients of the Bass Coast Area.

Our unique range of products especially liquid extracts have gained popularity in the Chinese medicine industry and we have been operating and optimizing our services for the past 8 years. Our facility in Victoria is licensed by the TGA (Therapeutic Good Administration). By talking to herbalists we found that they are facing three main problems: they are feeling overwhelmed when starting out their practice, they struggle to get enough people through the door and they are unsure and unclear of compliance & regulation.

The main ways that we address those problems are by offering our service so the practitioner can concentrate on establishing their practice and not worrying about having the right products on the shelf. By saving time and money on building their own dispensary they can concentrate their resources on getting more people through the door. And lastly, as our service and products are accredited with the pharmaceutical authority in Australia, practitioners can put their mind at ease and not worry about meeting regulatory guidelines in herbal dispensing.

Being practitioners ourselves, we know the hurdles that can put us right off. We feel strongly about our industry and we know the potential of natural medicine modalities. We are committed to healthy and vibrant communities and we want every single practitioner out there to thrive and work towards that common goal.



Co-founders, Sheree (a trained remedial massage therapist), and Danielle (a graphic and website designer), are Australian based entrepreneurs with 7 years experience in starting and growing businesses in the health and wellness space. They created Healthinomics with one goal in mind: to help natural therapists market their business more professionally on social media with no effort, time or skills required – so even a novice can excel at marketing their business on social media.




Natural Business Tools was created by Melbourne-based Naturopaths Judie Curtin and Bianca Potenta. With over 28 years of collective experience in clinical practice, Judie and Bianca understand the demands of running a clinic & seeing patients.

It takes years for practitioners to build their clinic foundations, each practitioner reinventing the wheel in order to implement efficient systems to run their clinic and grow their practice. It is this reason that Judie and Bianca decided to create Natural Business Tools to assist their colleagues in this often difficult task.

Natural Business Tools was created to support natural healthcare practitioners. Our boss is the practitioner community and our goal is to listen to what is needed and provide practitioners with the required tools needed to manage their clinical practice.

Our educational handouts and business templates are regularly reviewed to ensure we provide the most up to date and relevant information. Each month new handouts, templates and features are released to increase our service and enhance the practitioner experience.



Firm.n.Fold have been Australia’s principal provider of massage equipment since 1983. We’re passionate about the natural therapies industry and proud supporters of it’s training providers, members and associations.

When considering the purchase of any massage equipment you can be confident Firm.n.Fold will provide a stylish, high quality product, built with innovative and functional design which sets industry trends. Firm.n.Fold, a market leader for over 30 years, ensures you receive a durable and comfortable product that is strong, stable and suitable for all uses. More therapists make the smart Firm.n.Fold choice because of the quality and reliability of our products and the great after sales service we pride ourselves on.

Much more than just massage tables, Firm.n.Fold is your one stop massage supply shop with over 300 products available to order online, or visit a showroom in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, or the Gold Coast.


Chinese Medicine practitioners Phiona Gitsham and Clare Pyers have created this podcast as a way to connect with practitioners around the world, to invite you to share in the type of conversations that they have every day in their respective group practices.

“Our intention is to create a feeling of connection and colleagiality as an antidote to the professional isolation that so many of us have. With the unique concepts and ideas that underpin our clinical approach, Chinese medicine practitioners have a unique language that we can share with each other. Our podcast is designed especially for us, as Chinese medicine practitioners, in the common language of Qi, Yin and Yang that we all speak.”
“We want to bring to our listeners a taste of the experience of “talking shop” in between patients, the funny yin/yang in-jokes we come up with whilst brushing past each other in the dispensary, and more in depth discussions around all things relating to clinical practice.”


Helio is a supplier of Traditional Chinese Medicine products with a commitment to innovation, quality and value. We see ourselves not just as a supplier but as a partner in your future success. Our acupuncture needle range includes the highest quality Japanese and Chinese style needles.

The needles are manufactured to the highest quality standards with packages to be as user friendly as possible. We recognise that the final judge of a product’s quality is the end user and our suppliers set strict in-house standards to ensure every product is consistently the best quality. Our goal is to meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Few other suppliers invest in quality the way we do.

We strive to maintain your approval as the undisputed leader in overall quality and service. We endeavour to be a one stop supplier for your practice and we offer you a broad range of acupuncture needles, Chinese herbal medicine, clinical supplies and associated products. We provide a fast and efficient service so we can best serve the needs of your practice.


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