In For your practice

In late September 2015 a small group of committed practitioners embarked on a journey to rediscover their practice in Beautiful Lovina Bali.

What were they looking for?
Some wanted to be busier, some less overwhelmed while others wanted to get their spark back. We spent a week pulling apart their practices and putting them back together in such away that resonated with them. No more was their practice to be an entity unfamiliar to them or a chain around their necks but instead the warm, fuzzy, cuddly, living, breathing organism they sought in the very beginning.

Here’s what some of the participants had to say:

‘Did I like it? No. I loved it. This seminar nailed it on how to execute the ‘doing’. There were practical insights and ideas that I have never read nor heard of. Rare is a seminar that is done so well that it compels me to take the steps to try a fresh, new road. Which is why I’m going back for seconds next year’ Elisa Y


‘The seminar was outstanding and solid in knowledge, it was inspiring and practical (things can be applied in the clinic life straight away), it was fun (hilarious at times) and it was presented with the most generous approach! Discussing cases, situations as well as joys and fears as practitioners just added to the massive sharing between all of us. I can highly recommend to attend Jeff and Megan’s Love your Practice Bali 2016 event.’ Brigitte L

I was a little concerned it could be the type of marketing seminar i run miles from but i went in with as open a mind i could muster. It was however perfect and exactly what i had been searching for. Jeff and his partner Megan were wonderful – and even better, genuine supportive people. If you are thinking you need to love your practice and reconnect with it and you want a great tax deductible holiday – go for it!’ Michael W

” To be honest I was just so impressed Jeff and Megan had come up with the genius idea of combining CPE points, Biz development and tax deductible holiday all in one.. 3 Birds with one stone!
However, spending 4 days with these 2 wonderful people and a group of awesome colleagues I learned so much about where to take my business. Reminders of what I needed to do, what I should just drop. It was such a relief to spend time thinking about these things in a chilled out and fun environment. Highly recommend it.” Alexandra Y

The snorkeling trip to Menjengan Island


We all enjoyed new friendships, sharing our experiences, fears, lots of laughter, amazing food and the beauty that Bali and it’s people have to offer. A huge thanks to our participants who were nothing short of amazing people Megan and I were privileged to work with.


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