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What is the single most important element to practice success?

Note: When we say ‘success’ we mean your kind of success. The practice you want to create.

Is it…

  • learning more about your modality to keep your skills sharp?
  • spending money on marketing?
  • setting up your practice in a place that you feel good in?
  • promoting yourself to other practitioners?

None of these are bad things to do. But none are the most important element: ‘The Hidden Dragon of Practice’.

As the name suggests, ‘The Hidden Dragon’ is often overlooked. Yet it has been used in practice over thousands of years. Once understood, it can do the following:

  1. Attract clients to you
  2. Motivate clients to return to you
  3. Inspire clients to refer you to others
  4. Significantly enhance your enjoyment of your practice

In short, it will be key to building your practice and sustaining it. Don’t use it and, no matter how learned you are in your modality, your practice is likely to fail.

Financially, ‘The Hidden Dragon’ costs nothing.

In this webinar presented for the Australian Association of Massage Therapists Jeff Shearer unveils what ‘The Hidden Dragon’ is. He also shows you step-by-step how to use it to full potential – for the good health of your practice and that of your clients.
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