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Want healthy productivity happening in your workplace? No problem. It’s just a matter of creating a healthy work culture. By the way, this is more than offering your staff seated massages and distributing ‘The Little Book of Calm’. What is the single biggest problem with productivity? Workplace stress. So deal directly with WHY your staff are stressed and WHAT they can do about it – both individually and as a team – and reaching those goals becomes so much easier.

Creating a healthy, positive, productive workplace includes:

  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty
    You know it. I know it. Nothing stays the same except change. Nonetheless erratic market trends and funding mood-swings can make your staff gaga with anxiety. So the crux of creating a healthy work culture is designing a change management approach that makes sense and feels good to everyone.
  • Workload Management
    Just imagining losing your job can create stress. But keeping it while copping increased workloads can feel even worse. Management AND staff have to get clear on what is realistic and doable in a work day. The work ‘smarter – not harder’ rule has never been more relevant.
  • Understanding the problem with power
    Feelings of stress in the workplace is often tied to feeling powerless. But – the interesting thing is – many staff also resist taking control even when their managers encourage it. Why? Because power means responsibility. Being okay with taking responsibility (and even ‘managing up’) can transform your workplace in wonderful ways.
  • Communicating better with each other
    Not feeling properly informed, misunderstandings and gossip are the unholy trinity of poor workplace communication. In other words: a nest of stress. Clear and kind communication paired with refined listening skills creates a happier workplace hum. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Connecting emotions to results
    We can feel segmented and disconnected from the results of what we do at work. Creating a personal emotional connection to a project outcome is not only a powerful motivator, it also significantly raises job enjoyment and satisfaction.
  • Self-care AND team care
    Caring for ourselves is one thing. Caring for our teammates too means a healthy flow of wellness. Develop this habit and it is a gift that just keeps giving.



A series of six one-hour workshops (regularity negotiated with client) are custom-designed to assist your team in managing the physical, mental and emotional stresses associated with the workplace environment.

Over the course of the six workshops a Healthy Workplace Culture Plan for your business/organisation is developed. Team ownership of the Plan’s content is paramount for successful implementation.

Each workshop is facilitated by Jeff Shearer and Megan Hills – both of whom are adept at managing workplace sensitivities. Together Jeff and Megan create a safe environment for respectful honesty to emerge so meaningful change can occur.



Your team receive worksheets to clarify their thoughts and feelings about their role - and how to improve it.

Your team receive worksheets to clarify their thoughts and feelings about their role – and how to improve it.

Proposed workshop focus points:

  • Self-care & team-care
  • Dealing with uncertainty
  • Workload
  • Job satisfaction
  • Communication
  • Power & responsibility


Discussion points with the client representative include:

  • Assessment of any structural change requirements
  • Identification of change/outcome discrepancies
  • Review on proposed staffing adjustment
  • Identification of potential transitional issues
  • Staff input strategy
  • Proposed adjustments to content
  • Implementation and timeframe


Each workshop will provide a worksheet for all staff and will encourage direct participation in the process. Empowering the individual to become responsible for their own health will assist the organisation as a whole to create a more complete corporate health care plan.


While it is important to encourage your team to identify what outcomes they wish from the program, organisational outcomes can include:

  • Generating active staff participation
  • Raising staff morale
  • Increasing staff retention
  • Positive transition when changes occur
  • More consistent quality work results


Assessment of the program is recommended on a number of levels:

    Each workshop begins with a de-brief about the previous workshop. Each workshop ends with a brief feedback opportunity on the session and confirming any implementation strategies discussed and agreed on. The workshop will also end with a discussion on the proposed content of the workshop the following month.
    Feedback forms will be distributed to all participants near to the end of each workshop (they can be filled out anonymously) with number scales and opportunity for general and specific comments.
    Our individual conversations with your team members can ramp up a sense of purpose and enthusiasm for getting the job done

    Our individual conversations with your team members can ramp up a sense of purpose and enthusiasm for getting the job done

    Participants will also have the opportunity to discuss any concerns with the facilitator at a time that suits both the participant and facilitator (at an additional cost to the business/organisation as per hourly rate, upon client approval).

    A representative is requested to attend each workshop and a debrief after each session to identify qualitative data; and a secondary conversation a week prior to the next workshop to update any relevant feedback.
    Additional questions of a more general nature will be added to the participant feedback form to encourage feedback regarding the program as a whole; a discussion with the client representative will also be scheduled for feedback.



  • Option 1: One hour duration
    Unit price: one hour workshop: $550* (incl. gst)
    Six one-hour workshops: $3000
    *Includes session de-brief with client rep post event (30 minutes max.) and 20 workbooks
  • Option 2: 90-minute duration
    Unit price: one 90 min. workshop: $650* (incl. gst)
    Six 90-minute workshops: $3,300* (incl. gst)
    *Includes session de-brief with client rep post event (30 minutes max.)
    and 20 workbooks
    Additional fees may apply, such as travel and accommodation costs

Workshops are designed for 20 maximum participants to ensure high quality direct engagement. Repeat workshops can be provided at a discount rate dependant on quantity required.

Additional meetings regarding the program per hour: $195 (incl. gst)

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