Megan and Jeff on Skype

Jeff Shearer & Megan Hills on Skype
With Brigitte & Hans from Safflower

What do you need help with?

  • pinpointing what you really need
  • building a successful private practice
  • knowing who your ideal clients really are
  • tapping into valuable resources within your community
  • getting the timing right for the different stages of your practice growth and development
  • having systems that work for you, your colleagues and your clients
  • simplifying ways of working so you can focus more on what you love doing


You have your own vision. Jeff Shearer (health practice coach) and Megan Hills (health marketing coach) can help you to build your practice your way.


Jeff  Shearer has been in health practice since 1995, owning and running a range of health practices – successfully. He is known for his enthusiasm, expertise and ability to explain his business knowledge in easy to understand language that makes sense – even to those just starting out. He knows how to build a successful practice because he’s done it more than once. Jeff is also still practicing due to his passion for helping people. His practice Evolve Natural Medicine shows private practice success in the natural medicine industry is possible.


Megan Hills has been in marketing since the mid-1990s, helping all kinds of small business to get the word out (check out Megan’s marketing tips on My Marketing Thing). But recent years have seen a special interest in natural therapies and psychotherapy. Megan can help with anything from:

  • finding the right name
  • finding the right tagline for your practice
  • having the right branding
  • getting your website up and engaging people
  • talking about your practice to others
  • building your client base
  • and more…

Check out Megan’s marketing site:


Success with integrity

True to the name ‘Ethical Practice’, we help heath practitioners find success with integrity. In other words, private practice success that is sustainable and makes everyone feel good: you, your practitioners, your clients – even the wider community. So you can have more clients, have a better life and create healthy outcomes for others. Sound good?

Training: Walking the talk

Discovering the best approaches for practice growth is one thing. Putting it into practice is quite another.
Whether you are working on your own or in a team, we can help make the theory real. And not just now, but for the long term. This means factoring in inspiring ways to keep that momentum up – particularly for those times when you are likely to fall back into old habits.

We are all human. So let’s acknowledge this, and learn how to use those human tendencies to support your success.

Maybe you’re not sure what you need help with…

Not knowing what you want or need is okay, too. Contact us and have a chat about what is going on for you. No obligations, no pressure.


30 min session                – AUD $110 (incl GST)
4 x 30 minute sessions  – AUD $390 (incl GST) Save $50
1 hour session                  – AUD $195 (incl GST)
4 x 1 hour sessions          – AUD $680 (incl GST) Save $100

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