2017 – The Good, The Not So Good and The Beautiful

It’s the time of the year for reflection and looking back 2017 has been a rollercoaster. The good news is we survived it…and so did you. In this article later on we’ll tell you our successes and [...]

Love Your Practice Katoomba recap

Love Your Practice Katoomba smoking ceremony – Chris Tobin Darug Elder In August we held our 3rd Love Your Practice event in the lovely Blue Mountains town of Katoomba. This year was a [...]


        A heart-to-heart from practitioner Jeff Shearer: “Ethical Practice was started with the knowledge that a huge amount of practitioners in natural medicine never go on to create the [...]

2016 REVIEW: How did you go this year?

Feeling spent? Just want to recover so you can hit the ground running in 2017? We get it. But today let’s take a mo’ to reflect on how you went. An enjoyable reflection on what may have been a [...]

Volunteer Acupuncture Clinic

Medewi Volunteer Acupuncture Clinic Report It was definitely touch and go for a while but our volunteer clinic for the locals of Medewi, Bali not only got off the ground but was a great success [...]

Love Your Practice Bali 2016 Report

Love Your Practice Bali 2016 Report It was our second Love Your practice event held in Bali and there was no less excitement than the first. So many messages from our participants before they [...]

In News

Jeff presents Marketing With Soul at AACMAC 2012

Jeff Shearer presented the paper: ‘Marketing With Soul’ at AACMAC 27 May 2012. Some feedback from AACMAC delegates: “Extensive and dynamic delivery intertwined with personal experience.” – [...]