6 Key Marketing Questions

This marketing schtick is so boring, right? All any of us want to do is focus on the good stuff of treating clients and getting awesome results. Well, I certainly do. But after being in practice [...]

Social media made easy for natural therapists

Are you a natural health therapist who finds the idea of using social media for their practice overwhelming (or underwhelming)? You are not alone – by a long shot. So it’s not surprising that the [...]

Health Practitioners & Holistic Assumptions

“I’m not like Jeff,” said a natural medicine practitioner to me the other day. Which is true. These are two very different practitioners. She is a massage therapist and meditation teacher. Jeff [...]


Avoid the common mistakes that health practitioners make when texting with clients. Your SMS activity can seriously irritate clients, particularly prospective ones. Poor texting can see your [...]

You Started Then What Happened? Practice growth

The beginning Can you feel it? That excitement. You’ve had a break finally and had time to percolate all those ideas that you want to get started on. You are so totally motivated your mouth edges [...]

Why are you here as a practitioner?

No, this is not the existential question some of you were dreading (or hoping for). It’s a little simpler than that. However, despite its simplicity, we as practitioners seem to find living true [...]

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