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A practitioner was recently discussing with me an issue regarding their client numbers – or the lack thereof.

I asked him the key question: How is your client retention?

In reply, he made two points:

“I’m getting good results…

…and so the clients don’t feel the need to come back.”

I will address this particular issue in our next video/e-news because the second reason requires some investigation.

“Some clients aren’t committed to their health…

…so I don’t really encourage them to come back.


Here we have struck a fundamental issue. This is a mistake we can all make in varying degrees – myself included.

So the next question is:

How do you know that clients aren’t committed to their own health?

After all, they think enough of it to come and see you, and spend ‘x’ amount to try and resolve an issue. More importantly, is this really your decision to make?

People come to see practitioners for a variety of reasons.

And in many cases these people can have very little understanding about:

  • what it is that we do
  • how it is that we can help them
  • what contributions their own lifestyle can make to their condition and also to poor health generally.

So in that case, how can we expect someone present to us with enthusiasm about a series of consultations and self-care? In many cases it might be the first time they have actually even considered this option.

Perhaps they have their reservations about what we do. Perhaps they have a healthy scepticism. Maybe they are not sure whether it will work or not. Maybe it takes them some time to trust that you have their best interests at heart and are not just trying to shake every last penny out of them.

So who are we as practitioners to make the decision to throw in the towel on their behalf?

This is not our right or responsibility.

So what is our responsibility?

Our responsibility as practitioners is to provide a highly professional consultation – which includes education about the clients condition, what we do and how it can help them. This enables our clients to make an educated decision.

We also need to consider the barriers to success and how we can help our clients to overcome them. We have all been through the stage of having training wheels. Maybe we need to remember what that is like, so we can see where our clients may be coming from.

Give your clients a little more credit. You might be surprised as to how much they are able to evolve – with a little help from you.

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