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Are you running on time?

Have you ever been to a doctors surgery, turned up at the agreed appointment time only to find 2 hours later you are still waiting? It’s so frustrating to deliver on your side of the bargain only to find the other party not only doesn’t but doesn’t even seem to care about your inconvenience.

In practice it is exactly the same when you run late. If you are not running on time there is a problem.


If you are running late. What’s the issue?

Have you made your consult time adequate to provide the necessary consultation, treatment, dispensing of herbs or supplements, taking payment if relevant and/ or making follow up bookings? If you run late then this can be one of the reasons.


Are you organised?

Having systems in place to carry out all the relevant tasks necessary for your practice to run smoothly is vital.

Are you trying to carry out tasks that could be done at another time? If so change your habits. Dedicate set times to do your laundry, answer emails, call people back etc outside of your consultation times.


Do you try to give ‘more’?

Are you trying to do ‘just that bit extra’ for your clients? If so don’t. Giving one client more ‘respect’ by giving extra time disrespects the client sitting in the waiting room. And using the excuse ‘but my doctor does it’ doesn’t wash. Expecting someone to arrive at a time and keeping them waiting is just bad business.


Are you letting your clients keep you?

Sometimes clients like to talk and can keep you longer as a result. Using body language can help. At the end of the session stand up and move toward the door. Use closing statements like ‘we can discuss this more at your next appointment. If they persist explain to them in a respectful way that you will have to wrap up as you have another client waiting.

Being in control of your timing keeps you smiling and your clients loving you all the more. And that has got to be good.

For expert help in managing all of the hurdles of practice feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation online, by phone or in person.

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