About Megan Hills: Holistic Marketing

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Megan Hills – the holistic approach to promotion and communication

Megan Hills is no spring chicken. She has worked in marketing since 1998 – as a marketing consultant, copywriter, designer and illustrator.

These days she specialises in working with health practitioners like you. Why? Because she thinks what you do is important. She believes the more successful you are (whatever ‘successful’ means to you), the better the world is likely to be.


What does Megan’s ‘holistic approach’ to marketing mean?

Marketing is not an adjunct to your practice. Not if it has integrity. It is not just a face to your practice. It can also be your throat and lungs. And can a strong relationship with your practices’ brain and heart. It’s about ensuring what you are saying has true integrity with what you and your practice is about. And saying it in such a way that shows you are a very good listener.

What’s being a good listener to do with marketing?

Marketing with integrity it about talking from the point of view of the people you want to reach. Understanding what those people are thinking and feeling so you connect meaningfully with them. In short, your marketing material must be helpful to them. Being empathetic makes for a great client relationship before they have even met you.

Marketing inside your practice

As mentioned, marketing is not just the face of your practice. If it has integrity, the tone and feeling of your marketing material flows into your daily communication. Marketing is not just about getting new clients. It’s also about inspiring them to re-book (if better for their health). And to naturally recommend you to others (where appropriate).

Why have a coaching session with Megan?

You can have a nice looking-logo and website. But that is not necessarily going to have your ideal clients booking with you. In a coaching session, Megan will ask you all kinds of detailed questions about you and your practice – particularly what you personally want for your practice and what happens in your treatment room. She has a way of finding out what makes you special. This is key in how you communicate with the world.

Megan isn’t a graphic designer or website builder

We recommend the fabulous Tash Reichelt for both these jobs (but you may have your own designer/builder, which is great too). But when Megan works with the designer/builder the outcome is more powerful.

Some things practitioners talk with Megan about:

  • Practice name development
    Which includes working out if you need a descriptor and/or tagline (key lines that appear under your practice name and sometimes lingering nearby)
  • Logo/branding brief development
    A thoughtful branding brief for your graphic designer, ensures you receive a brand ‘with legs’ (i.e. is helpful and inspiring to your potential clients). This includes understanding what colours, styles and symbols communicate best with your future ideal clients – and making sure it works well as signage, on your website, etc.
    Tip: Don’t just to have a logo developed but also a business card and e-signature so you understand how the logo works in a practical context.
  • Website brief development
    Making sure you have a website ‘with legs’ (see above). This includes identifying the best website structure for easy navigation, the most helpful content and more.
  • Website content development
    Ensure you have words and images that are meaningful to your visitor. Everything communicates a message.
  • Article development
    Articles for your e-news, Facebook page, health magazines, etc. can be a wonderful way to help others while also raising awareness about your practice.
  • Video development
    Whether it is an introductory video about you and your practice or a series of health videos to publish on YouTube or Vimeo, Megan can help you with script development, image content recommendations, storyboards, editing and uploading – the works.
  • Signage, flyer, brochure content
    How people read signage is different to how they read a brochure. Make sure your words and images work for whatever format they appear in.
  • Induction form development
    Do you give new clients a form to fill out when they first arrive? Make sure it’s clear and easy and gives you the information you really need for a valuable session.
  • Health guides for clients
    Want clients to help themselves more? Having health guides clients can take away post-session (or emailed to them) really help with compliance in their busy lives.
  • Marketing Action Plan
    Last but not least, some kind of do-able action plan for your marketing can be useful in getting your priorities right and keeping the communication mojo happening in your busy life.

Is it something else you’re after? No problem – talk to Megan.

Book a holistic marketing session with Megan:

  • Single session: 1 hour
    AUS $195 incl. gst
  • Package of 4 sessions: 1 hour each
    AUS $680 incl. gst (save $100)

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